Project Showcase: The Builders Club Wollongong

Project Showcase: The Builders Club Wollongong

The Builders Club opened its doors to the public this week, we celebrate with our clients a venture which started off with a simple conversation in 2018. The club seen a need to update their interiors and offer their members a superior club experience. Upon embarking on the design process, it was evident that the clubs parking and entry posed a challenge for some of their members and that making the entry more inviting would entice visitors and members to the Club. This quickly changed the project scope and that brings us to the current day project.

Increasing the gross floor area to 7,200m2, the ground floor was restructured to enable a level members entry from the generous car parking and increased outdoor gaming. With recent upgrades, the Club was keen to maintain the existing bar and various seating areas in the overall masterplan. Working with GroupN Architecture the floor plan managed these elements whilst incorporating design element which enticed visitors to the existing café and repositioned gaming lounge. Using frosted glazing a large sport lounge provides all the amenity needed to be immersed in sport. The large stadium screen broadcast matches live and an abundance of TVs share sports from around the world to keep punters entertained. The large format bar ensures that there is no shortage of beer on tap.

The project was originally planned to be delivered over stages ensuring the club could maintain operations and maximise patronage numbers. When COVID-19 closures were mandated by the NSW Government the Club gave New England Constructions unfettered access to the whole club enabling accelerated progression and the resultantly the Club receiving the space largely completed 2 months ahead of schedule.

New England Constructions remains onsite completing the Stone Grill Restaurant and the final car parking stage. As part of the $20 million redevelopment these works will conclude a true repositioning in the Wollongong hospitality offering. Stay tuned for more updates later this year.