New England gets involved with Corrimal Leagues Club’s Project Improve

Project Improve is beginning to take shape at Corrimal Leagues Club with the completion of the Outdoor Gaming Terrace extension and upgrade to the patron bathrooms.

The main considerations for this project were:

  • Minimal disruption to club operation,
  • Appealing façade to accommodate future upgrades
  • Low maintenance finishes with longevity
  • Maintaining tight budget constraints

In understanding the client’s needs the gaming extension was coordinated to allow ongoing operation of the club’s existing outdoor gaming.

Over the 9 week construction period the club was without their outdoor gaming for only 3 days to allow change over and commission of the gaming machines.

Patronage was maintained during construction and has now increased since completion. The future thinking of Group GSA also means that without further extensions the club now has room to increase their gaming as the club grows. In collaboration with Group GSA, we as a team were able to deliver a project which ticks all the boxes for the club.

Thank you to everyone involved for your efforts and inspiration on this project.

As patrons begin to fill the new outdoor gaming terrace at Corrimal Leagues we are excited for the new things to come at Corrimal Leagues Club.

We encourage everyone to come experience the Illawarra.

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