Is there entrepreneurial inspiration in the construction industry?

How do we change the status quo? No longer is the industry dominated with builders in a Holden Ute with a Cattle Dog in the tray. Now there is a growing group of sophisticated builders, looking to change this perception.

Last week I was speaking with my Managing Director, John and he said that building and construction management had become a commodity. There are so many competent builders out there, anyone can do the job but just being able to complete a project is not why a client comes to you.

Then why do they engage a certain builder over another?

Whilst I have had interactions on both sides of the fence; with dozens of construction firms in hospitality, education, government and residential, I did not realise that not all builders provide the same service.

As a first home buyer in a new development and talking to my neighbours, I realised that effective client communication is not a given. Replying to missed calls and emails is not mandatory, it can be a luxury feature of the contract. The interpretation of defects rectification was also another item I found interesting.

As a project manager my #01 priority after site safety is client satisfaction and #02 is longevity of the end product. How do we answer the question; What does the client want and what do they need? Are their wants and needs aligned?

These questions are unique to each client and something a simple LinkedIn post can’t answer. This is something I plan to investigate and explore in the coming months but these questions have kick started my need to want to know more.

On Monday I went to a Business Networking Lunch held by the East Suburbs BEC and Bondi Chambers of Commerce. Before this event I had never heard of Lisa Messenger or the Collective Hub. I left with a yearning to know more about entrepreneurship and with a plan to develop and extend the entrepreneurial history of New England Constructions.

Again, I don’t have the answers but I have some ideas.

Stay tuned.