Wattle Grove Hotel


Royal Hotel Group

Contract Value:


Contract Year:


Contract Type:

Construction Management


10 weeks


  • Installation of a new feature garden complete with water features, invisiguard awning, feature wall tiling & irrigation.
  • Installation of new bar to gaming room
  • Installation of feature joinery to all areas inside the gaming room area, improving visual impact for patrons of hotel.
  • Exterior timber screening, new paint finishes and additional parapet walls with feature signage.
  • Upgrades to existing failing retaining wall.

Project Benefits:

  • Increased takings as a direct result of the upgrades made to the hotel.
  • Weekly updates were provided to the client to ensure that all parties involved were happy with the design of the hotel.
  • New England were able to accommodate all of the clients requests while having technical input and improving the overall functionality of the hotel in terms of accessibility, aesthetics & takings from gaming
  • Hotel remained functional throughout the entire construction phase ensuring that normal operation hours & takings were not disrupted.
  • Due to the adjoining shopping centre, increased pedestrian traffic was maintained continually while upgrades were carried out externally, this was achieved through constant site supervision provided throughout the entire construction phase of the project.