Cobar Bowling and Golf Club

Construction of Multi-purpose function centre to accommodate up to 400 people




Cobar Bowling & Golf Club



Project Features:

Multi-purpose function centre to accommodate up to 400 people

Successful project outcome:

  • Sourcing, managing and retaining specialty trades in the remote location
  • Management of trades with extended lead times to complete construction on program
  • Management of trades in a commercial environment heavily influenced by the mining sector

Located in the mid-west of NSW, this client required a major extension to an existing auditorium area to service multiple community uses, including weddings, mine industry conventions and training course meetings. To accommodate the diverse range of functions, a series of long-span operable walls were incorporated to divide the new multi-purpose function area into a series of smaller rooms. Support bar & store rooms were required in conjunction with upgrading and refurbishment of a section of the existing club lounge.

Construction of the new multi-purpose function room extension required a 600-sq m concrete slab with a steel-framed structure free of internal support columns. The roof structure was designed to support an operable wall span of 20m where the extension interfaces with the existing building. The completed multi-purpose facility has a total area of 530 sq m (extension plus existing) and with the construction of a series of operable walls can now be divided into multi-function room area options of 350 sq m,160 sq m and 80 sq m.

Services were an important component of the project as lighting and air conditioning controls are in individual zones, ensuring that light and power is only supplied to those multi-purpose rooms that are in use.

A special feature of the project was the programmed co-ordination of specialist sub-contract trades where the extensive travel time to Cobar required that their frequency of site attendances be minimised and not delayed by other dependent trades. Regular communication with all travel-dependent trades by New England Constructions’ Site Manager ensured any delays were minimised and that sub-contractors maintained a positive attitude towards the project.