By getting to know your business we can help you build your business.

At New England Constructions, we get to know your business so that we can help you plan your future expansion. We take the time to understand your operational needs and the outcome your clientele desire. Through the visioning and master planning process we can provide you with cost effective and timely solutions to meet a project budget.

  • Michael Wilkins

    CEO of Collegians, Wollongong

  • Gregory Hills Hotel Team

  • Given the magnitude of what was needed to be done to deliver the finished product AND keep us trading is a testament to how New England Constructions understands the needs of our business. Given the requirement to envelope the existing structure with all new back of house WHILST keeping our kitchens and bars operating seamlessly and in at times difficult conditions, many caused by us, is one of the real demonstrable reasons Collegians keeps coming back to New England Constructions.

    Michael Wilkins, CEO of Collegians Rugby League Football Club, Wollongong

    …alterations and refurbishments costing approximately $1.2 million, designed and contracted to New England Constructions Pty Ltd, far surpassed their predecessors for presentation, budgeting, time frames, authenticity of costs, responsible workmanship, co-operation and compatibility with Management and Patrons comfort and accreditation of accounts.

    C.C. Knighton, Previous Director of Marrickville RSL Club

    Very Professional job. The 2nd time we have used New England Constructions and we will use them again. The relationship between site manager & client exceptional.

    James Gallen, Previous Secretary Manager of Gunnedah Services & Bowling Club

    …It was an impressive performance, with the job being accomplished quickly, with quality workmanship and with the least possible disruption to the Club operations. Possibly the most pleasing aspects of the construction was that there were no hidden costs and the job was finished by the projected completion date, even though there were periods of wet weather during construction.

    Tony Fitzsimmons, Previous Manager of Mudgee Soldiers’ Club

    With the tight timeframe schedule given to New England Constructions it was pleasing to have the works completed on time and on budget, ready for the Christmas Holiday rush. Thanks must go to New England for the use of local tradespersons and business during the project…

    Danny Jack, Secretary Manager of Sussex Inlet RSL Club

    Very good – excellent working relationship before, during and after the project.

    Daryl Egan, CEO of Muswellbrook RSL Club

  • The project was completed in an efficient manner with a minimum of disruption or interference to the clubs trading and activities.

    John Wilkin, Retired CEO of Collegians Rugby League Football Club, Wollongong

    Leeton Soldiers Club has dealt with Mr. John Nicholas and New England Constructions several times over the past 10 years. The outcome has always been very satisfactory.

    Richard Boller, Previous Secretary/ Manager of Leeton Soldiers Club

    New England’s Performance is of the highest standard as is the quality of their workmanship and finished product.

    Neil Urquhart, Secretary Manger of Cobar Bowling & Golf Club

    On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and members, congratulations on the professional approach, the efficiency and timelessness of the project, together with the standard of work completed. Interference to the normal trading activities of the club was negligible, and there is little doubt the project provided excellent value for money for the club.

    Graham Limbrick, Previous Secretary Manager of Nowra Golf Club.